TRX20 Token Smart Contract Dapp

TRON technology is a decentralised network of blockchain development that uses a specialised protocol, a private blockchain browser, and its own bitcoin (cryptocurrency) that was created with a specific use in mind. It is being developed in order to establish a global, decentralised edge-to-edge media network. Solidity and TRX or Tronix are the programming languages used by the Tron network to create smart contracts. We can use this platform to create a decentralised application when discussing network development.


Since the launch of the Tron Network MLM Software Malaysia has developed considerable competence in the field thanks to their technological expertise in blockchain development.


Our professional developers are proficient at finishing the project within the allotted time, and we have sufficient resources and enthusiasm to produce Tron DApps in accordance with the requirements of our clients.


TRON dApp Development Services That We Offer

You get the excellent service from MLM Software Malaysia that you’ve been wanting to add to your network of business contacts. The following are a few of the distinctive services we have made accessible for you to choose from and incorporate into your organisation.

Tron dApp

We have assembled a team of specialists who are always available to assist you with TRON dApps. As soon as they begin talking about your idea, our developers start creating applications. For your applications, they do in-depth research on all relevant and available sources. Your project’s necessary requirements and points are raised by the developers, who use high-quality technological elements and crucial implementation.

TRC-10 Token

The TRON network is used to create TRC-10 Token. In order to design, execute, and launch the TRC-10 Token, which is necessary for blockchain and its goods, we have a firm grasp on all of the most recent technology. Your smart contracts can have technical features like Mintable, Transferable, Burnable, and Upgradable implemented by our expertise.

TRC-20 Token

Hire a TRON developer from MLM Software Malaysia to have a deeper understanding of the potential of the TRC-20 Token. Believe us when we say that these developers will never fail to astound you with a fresh perspective on a certain piece of technology. You will be able to customise your product to the extent permitted by smart contracts. You’ll be relieved to learn that TRC-20 can be perfectly adapted to operate with ERC-20.

Tron Smart Contracts

We have developed Smart contracts for well-known industrial specialist companies. By creating Smart contracts with us, you can automate your business. To efficiently deploy TRON-based Smart Contracts across any public or private network, whether it is for new companies or large organisations, we develop them in the Solidity programming language.

Features of Tron DApps

Decentralized applications built on Tron perform better than those based on Ethereum and Bitcoin. 2000 transactions may be computed by it in one second. Additionally, it has the capacity to manage the increasing numbers of users and transactions, expanding the opportunity to achieve growth. Tron is used by the majority of developing companies because it has many more intriguing characteristics. The benefits and justifications for using Tron DApps are listed below.

  • High Performance
  • Highly Scalable
  • Advanced Storage
  • Secure and Reliable
  • Compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)
  • Multi language extension as it adhere to Google Protobuf
  • Transaction as Proof of Stake

Why you choose MLM Software Malaysia for TRC-20 Dapp Development?

  • A blockchain technology-focused team of 30+ Skilled developers & designers
  • We provide 100% bug-free Dapp & smart Contract security code is provided with assured safety and flexibility
  • We are specialized in providing 360-degree Dapp development services and solutions at competitive market price
  • Our skilled team of developers assists with the immutable Dapp launch and deploys the code in your preferred blockchain platform in accordance with your needs.
  • Custom Smart Contract Development
  • Secure Development Process
  • Reliable Blockchain Solution
  • Transparent Process
  • Deliver High Quality Product

Utilize the complete range of Tron Dapp development services to increase the power of your company’s operations. Hire Tron blockchain engineers from MLM Software Malaysia to create your own Decentralized Tron application.

Tron dApp Development Process

We are a group of professionals with extensive experience building new Tron dApps. Our TRON dApps are extremely effective and have limitless smart contract options.

In order to produce highly optimised results, our end-to-end decentralised application development approach adheres to a development process flow that has been rigorously verified.

Requirement gathering

Technical Structure




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