E -Wallet MLM Software System Malaysia

E -Wallet MLM Software System Malaysia

Mobile MLM E-Wallet System
MLM E-Wallet System
Crypto MLM E-Wallet System
USD MLM E-Wallet System

An E-Wallet is nothing but a virtual storage space method which stores the information about E-Money, E-pin, etc. E- Wallet stores all the incomes and expenses in the form of virtual money.


Just like all other e-commerce platforms, MLM software Malaysia also features with e-cash, e-pin and e-wallet. E- Wallet plays the crucial role in MLM software Malaysia in order to manage and operate all financial transfers and information of the user.


Key Features


Virtual Money Storage

Secure and Trustworthy

Money Transfer


E-Wallet make sure safe and risk free MLM Business. MLM Software Malaysia provides an E-Wallet system with high end features that can ease your MLM Business.


Pay In (e-Wallet In)


  • The Member gets a commission from MLM income plan.
  • Through deposits (which is transferred from Credit Cards, Debit Cards or any other Payment Gateways).
  • From other Members E-Wallet accounts as E-money transfer.
  • As other bonus etc.


Payout process (e-Wallet Out):


  • User pays the new membership fee for online registration
  • During withdrawal
  • While transferring E-money to another E-Wallet account
  • While adjusting bonus
  • While buying E-pins
  • While Upgrading member account
  • While Requesting E-Money withdrawal etc.


Features of E-wallet in the MLM Software Malaysia are:


  • The amount in E-wallet can be used for purchasing E-pins.
  • The amount in E-wallet can be used for new registrations.
  • The amount in E-wallet can be used for ordering/purchasing product.
  • Can transfer Money to other E-Wallet.
  • The  Amount deducted in re-purchase from payouts can be transferred to E-wallet.


Key Features


  • Virtual Money Storage
  • Secure & Trustworthy
  • To perform Money in Process
  • To perform Money Out Process
  • Money Transfer
  • Used to buy E-Pins
  • Used for adjusting bonus
  • Used for new registration & Member Upgradation
  • Used for Requesting E-Money withdrawal
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