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Advanced Multi Level Affiliate System

Advanced Multi Level Affiliate System extends affiliate functionality with following features:

  • percentage-based or fixed amount commission.
  • individual commissions can be defined not only for affiliates, but for products too.
  • ability to create and use unlimited number of affiliate schemes with customized commission amounts.
  • different schemes can be attached.
  • schemes can be applied to coupons, categories and manufacturers.
  • configurable to calculate commission from total or subtotal, before or after shipping / handling / taxes etc.
  • ability to automatically approve new affiliates, configurable per level.
  • ability to automatically add commission to affiliate’s accounts, configurable per level and triggered by admin selected order statuses.
  • each percentage-based scheme has its’ own tracking code, which can be used to signup new affiliates to a particular scheme.
  • built-in tracking code, which is used to track customers, is also used to track sub-affiliate signups.
  • possible to associate customer account with parent affiliate permanently in the database, not in cookies only.
  • logged-in affiliates can obtain links to any page with their tracking code while just browsing the site.
  • admin can see full affiliate downline tree, optionally affiliates can see their downline too.
  • admin can modify, remove or add arbitrary commission to one or more affiliates for any order.
  • ability to see both current balance and total earnings, accounts that haven’t provided their payout information etc.
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