MLM Payment Gateway Integration Malaysia

MLM Payment Gateway Integration

MLM Softwares – Payment Gateway Integration

How a Standard Checkout Process Goes Online:


  • Users are constantly paying for premium membership, advanced functionality and SaaS. Once they’ve found what they need, they want to effortlessly pay for this.



  • They need to fill out respective payment information on your website to check-out and choose their preferable payment method if there are multiple options available.



  • The getaway will then collect the payment information and transfer it (with secure encryption) to the processing bank of authorization.



  • The processing bank will make a request through Visa’s or MasterCard’s payment network on the card. American Express and Discover authorization process is much simpler.



  • The card issuer then approves/declines the transaction or requests additional authorization from the cardholder.



  • The processing bank then forwards to the response, through the getaway back to the merchant. You should finalize the transaction accordingly.



  • If the transaction is successful, the merchant deposits the receipt with the processing bank.



  • The payment processor then adds the funds to the merchant’s account and passes the transaction to Visa/MasterCard for a settlement.



  • The card issuing company then pays the processing bank, while simultaneously taking out the funds from the card issuer’s account.
  • Finally, the issuing bank adds the transaction to the cardholder’s account and requests the payment in a monthly statement (or debits the amount immediately).


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