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Property Sales Online ERP

Module Project Wise Costing

1.Manage all your different projects.
2.Feed all your expenses project wise
3.Calculate projectwise costing
4.Create projectwise profit and loss account
5.Maintain inventory
6.Maintain Sale and purchase records

Module Accounting

1. Create Account Masters
2. Create All office expense masters
3. Receipt, Payment, Journal , Contra vouchers
4. Daybook
5. Cashbook
6. Bankbook
7. Account Ledgers
8. Account Statements and summaries
9. Trial Balance
10. Final Books of Accounts

Module CRM

1.Maintain Customer Database
2.SMS your Customers
3.Email your Customers
4.Follow ups
5.EMI Reminders

Commission As per Sale Module

1. SMS on every sale successfully completed with his commission detail
2. Time to Time a/c details
3. Time to Time Target and Product Updates
4. Commission Statement can be sent through mail on one click to agent

Individual Login of Agent Module

In this module Every Agent can login and visit his performance how much commission he got.. how much sales he done in the month or till date and so on…

Admin Module

1. Can Set Targets for Agents
2. Can Send time to time updates / notification to all agents or any individual agent
3. Time to Time able to update new property can inform to all agents or selected agents
4. Can able to see over all performance of individual agent and whole scenario
5. Able to see MIS Reports

Note – We will give full training to your staff. In training any setup required like projector or computer that is a responsibility of the customer to provide us, that charges complete have to be paid by customer only.

Cloud Hosting or Server Cost Customer have to decide what to buy and that have to be paid separately.

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