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We design Softwares to provide a credible platform to formulate new strategies that boost the products to be in the client’s best interest. MLM Software Malaysia is a leading Software development Company, crafting innovative software with expertise in the industry along with years of experience.


With years of expertise in the software services we deliver, our expert team of Trading Software Developers build the most reliable Trading Software which is best suitable for your business.


We set up client products from building blocks implementing only a logic specific for your business. Parts such as execution engines, investor front ends, trading algorithms, portfolios, connectivity to crypto and traditional exchanges are waiting to be integrated into your business solution. According to your business requirements, our experts analyze your requirements and purpose the best solution which is suitable for you and you can customize it as per your organizations’ needs.

Pros of Automated Trading

Automated trading has a massive upside–it does most of the work for you. If you’re considering using an automated trading platform, these benefits will likely pique your interest.

  • Fast trade execution
  • Sticks to a predetermined strategy and doesn’t deviate
  • Removes stress and emotion
  • Lower transaction costs

Cons of Automated Trading

While automated trading can be highly beneficial as an investment tool, it is not without its faults. Weigh these drawbacks against the benefits of an automated trading system before taking the plunge.

  • Lack of control is difficult for some traders to accept
  • Successful strategies in back tests may falter in real life
  • Easy to over-optimize your strategy
  • Many robots or expert advisors have questionable success rates

What to Look for in Automated Trading Software?

The best-automated trading platforms all share a few common characteristics. Keep these features in mind as you choose.

Access to your preferred markets

Automated software doesn’t mean you’ll have access to all markets. Make sure you can trade your preferred securities.

Reduced latency

When you use an automated trading platform, there could be a lag between your price quote, the transaction and the completion of that transaction. A proper automated trading system should reduce latency as much as possible, protecting your investments and giving you the same access to the market a floor trader has.

Functional interface

Yes, the computers do much of the heavy lifting, but automated platforms still need to be managed (and adjusted when needed). Choose software with a navigable interface  so you can make changes on the fly.

Industry-standard programming language

If you really want a unique strategy, you’ll need to program it yourself. Programming language use varies from platform to platform.

Detailed price histories for backtesting

Charts are critical to performing backtests, so make sure your platform has detailed backtesting that can be used across multiple timeframes.

Technology trends in trading application development


We use the blockchain technology in trading to significantly increase the security of financial transactions and in the case of cryptocurrency ensure decentralized storage of funds. Blockchain also reduces costs and operational risks and helps make the transactional process faster, more traceable, and convenient.


Artificial intelligence

We offer artificial intelligence (AI) implementation to allow our customers to scan and process large amounts of data in no time. AI systems help traders build behavioral models, analyze market data and stock market indices, suggest the best trading strategies, and more.


Machine learning

In addition to AI, we implement machine learning (ML) algorithms to better predict the markets and trade at the optimal time. With machine learning, trading algorithms can be changed automatically based on historical data. ML-based predictions help traders take action and increase margins.


  1. Connectors To Exchanges

  • You can connect your trading system to any crypto exchange easily. We hold a lot of experience and a ready-made framework for integrating with exchanges APIs.
  • For more details on crypto development services, contact us now.
  1. Trading Execution Middleware

  • Hassle-free implementations of low latency trading execution middleware systems.
  1. Investors Frontends

  • We will help in Web, mobile and desktop front ends of trading systems that will grab your investors’ attention.
  1. Trading Algorithms

  • Our quantitative traders have a lot of experience in implementing arbitrage, market production and execution algorithms for cryptocurrency as well as stock and derivatives markets.
  1. Market Data Storage

  • We help in market data huge volume storage database systems.
  1. Exchange System

Scalable and low latency matching engine systems along with user portfolio management, FIX gateways and other significant functions that will enhance the functionality of the exchange.

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