MLM Payment Gateway Integration

MLM Softwares - Payment Gateway Integration

How a Standard Checkout Process Goes Online:

Users are constantly paying for premium membership, advanced functionality and SaaS. Once they’ve found what they need, they want to effortlessly pay for this.

They need to fill out respective payment information on your website to check-out and choose their preferable payment method if there are multiple options available.

The getaway will then collect the payment information and transfer it (with secure encryption) to the processing bank of authorization.

The processing bank will make a request through Visa’s or MasterCard’s payment network on the card. American Express and Discover authorization process is much simpler.

The card issuer then approves/declaims the transaction or requests additional authorization from the cardholder.

The processing bank then forwards to the response, through the getaway back to the merchant. You should finalize the transaction accordingly.

If the transaction is successful, the merchant deposits the receipt with the processing bank.

The payment processor then adds the funds to the merchant’s account and passes the transaction to Visa/MasterCard for a settlement.

The card issuing company then pays the processing bank, while simultaneously taking out the funds from the card issuer’s account.

Finally, the issuing bank adds the transaction to the cardholder’s account and requests the payment in a monthly statement (or debits the amount immediately).