Forced Matrix MLM Software

Forced Matrix MLM Software

The Forced Matrix is named because of its confined structure. Its key features are limited width and limited depth. Commission is paid on a level by level basis; by a percentage of sale price paid as each sale is made. Some time ago only paid members and affiliates where placed on the forced matrix, but our system can rollup free members commissions to paid all the configured and qualified levels.

An affiliate will earn commissions based on his active membership, for example a silver member can earn 10 levels and a diamond member can earn 20 levels. The configuration is very flexible and can setup unlimited amount of membership types.

Forced Matrix is a compensation plan, in which amount of people each person can have in their first level is limited. For example, a 3*5 group means 3 people on your first level, and paying 5 levels deep. Each distributor can only sponser a certain number of frontline distributors. Any additional distributors must be placed only down in their organization and under another distributor. Forced Matrix is also known as Pyramid Scheme.

Forced Matrix, Compared to other plan it’s simplifying your total teamwork. In this matrix, We have to set each level commissions for each levels.

Forced matrix plan are positioned in a sequential left to right and top to bottom pattern. In this plan the member is not allowed to select his position and is only allowed to select the sponsor. The member will get commission on based on the level he is place at for a particular payout period.